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Eyu Chan Hong, R&D Manager

Doctor of Philosophy in Biotechnology; Bachelor of Science (Honours) Degree in Pure Biology (USM)

He is experienced in the plant tissue culture of various types of plants, crops especially figs, vegetables, ferns, and ornamental plants like aquatic and carnivorous plants. He developed a micropropagation protocol for commercial scale with different lighting applications and conducted post-analysis such as histological, biochemical, and molecular for plant phenotyping research for publication purposes and evaluate the treatment qualitatively.

Master Degree

Choo Wee Kean, Lab Manager cum Project Manager

Master of Science in Plant Biotechnology (UKM)

He joined Revongen Corporation and started up the plant tissue culture business unit for R&D, explants, optimization, SOP establishment and crop plants production like banana and ginger, Revotropix Paulownia, ornamental terrestrial and aquatic plants. Later, Choo become in charge for branch lab affairs when Gain Green Development expanded. His duty is to monitor the technical issues in order to ensure the branch labs operation and production on track. He is expertise in plant micropropagation and conservation of recalcitrant species.

Nurfadzilah binti Fadryin

Master of Science in Systems Biology (Biomolecular Sciences) 

After her graduation, she has expanded her research study under Gain Green Development. She studied the micropropagation on various plants, especially tropical species like callus induction of Kesum, somatic embryogenesis of Mangosteen, culture initiation, callus induction and regeneration of Revotropix Paulownia, pineapple, ginger, pitcher plants and ornamental aquatic plants.

Nur Adibah Nadia binti Salihan

Master of Science in Plant Biotechnology (UiTM)

She conducted a research in enhancement of secondary metabolite production in callus of MD2 pineapple with manipulation of culture conditions for improvement of protocol in callus culture of MD2 pineapple. She also experienced in a project investigating the potential of plant bioreactor for rapid multiplication of pineapple plantlets.

Nur Syahirah binti Shereyea Afkan

Master of Science in Applied Microbiology (UiTM)

She graduated with Master of Science in Applied Microbiology majoring in viral cell culture and identification of protein through mass spectrometry. After graduation, she had joined GGD with met company goal of 3 years experience in cell culture and 2 years of experience in plant tissue culture.

She is responsible for Revotropix Paulownia and MD2 pineapple cultures including surface sterilization, initiation and multiplication before acclimatization in nursery. Previously, she was also been involved in MD2 pineapples bioreactor preparation as well.

Muhammad Aeiman Farhan bin Arziallah

Master of Science in Biotechnology (UTM)

During his master study,  he majoring in plant tissue culture focusing on herbal plant in Malaysia and biosynthesis of plant metabolite. He has total 4 years of experience in plant tissue culture field where both knowledge and technical expertise applied towards company requirement.

Now he is responsible for ginger Bentong cultures including surface sterile, initiation and multiplying plantlet before transferring to nursery. Besides, he also involved in small scale setup of bioreactor for pineapple where mass propagation of plantlet in liquid culture happen.

Bachelor Degree

Soliah binti Md Isa

Bachelor of Forestry Science (UPM)

She conducted a study to identify the carbon storage of sediments comparing the different depths on different zones of Sungai Jarum Mas which inhabited by the mangrove forest during her degree. 

She is experienced in crucial aseptic technique for plant tissue culture during three months of industrial training. In this period, minimal contamination of Bacopa plants subculturing was achieved. Now, she is responsible on producing Paulownia’s callus explants for mother stock’s refreshment project beside some other mini project.


Core Members

Tan Hong Boon, Management Unit Leader

Master’s Degree in Chemical and Environmental Engineering (UPM)

During his study, he completed one of the projects on gasification of Napier grass and Napier grass-oil palm frond blending, acts as an alternative source of fossil fuel, which has the potential to minimize the energy poverty issue in rural areas. Currently, under Gain Green Development, he focuses on R&D of Paulownia plant growth optimization, SOP establishment, greenhouse designs for other nurseries, and manages the nurseries’ production and operation.

Muhammad Adli, Production Unit Leader

Bachelor of Plantation in Management (UiTM)

He has experience in farm and nursery management. He is using his technical skills to improve production conditions and facilities in the nursery. He also manages the issues and problems in the nursery to maintain the production’s smooth running, ensuring that all the trees can be sent to the farm in good condition.