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Revotropix Paulownia clone improvement research focused on the selecting and micropropagation of quality planting material to yield higher volume, better wood properties and resistance to environmental stress, pests and diseases.

Developing the seedling production line of cash crops, including pineapple, ginger, banana, coconut etc. for short to medium-term planting projects and intercropping.
Tropical wood species studies for expanding the in vitro stock collection and planting material to diversify in silviculture with multiple species for the ecosystem’s long-term stability and sustainability.
Application of unmanned aerial vehicle and digitalization in field surveillance, farm operation, inspection, and resource management to form a multilateral engagement and interaction among the stakeholders.


Developing the artificial seed involving somatic embryogenesis, plant tissue preservation and organ regeneration for long distance shipping and durable storage of planting materials.

Application of the automatic/ semi-automatic mechanical system and artificial intelligence to improve production efficiency and quality management in the micropropagation process.